Market Chess by Igor Gaidai

On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the Stolychnyi Market, the master of photography, Igor Gaidai, created a photo called “Market Chess” on 6 September 2019, which is historical for us.

Photographer Igor Gaidai is known for his inexhaustible optimism and sincere belief in the peaceful life of people of this earth.

Market chess – a picture of 8 x 8 cells with fresh products presented on the Stolychnyi Market – was laid out on 384 pallets with the area of 900 sq. m. In total, more than 40 tons of various products were used.

More than 600 people – vendors and market administration – participated in this photo-shoot.


The shots of this masterpiece were taken from a balloon flying above the composition at a height of 30 meters.

Igor Gaidai: “For me, this photo project is a continuation of the collective portraits of the Razom UA series, and I am grateful to the Stolychnyi Market for such an opportunity. By this project, we once again proved and captured the powerful effect of collective energy”.