Wholesale market - a new dimension of the relationship.

In order to build long-term partnership relations between the wholesale market and tenants, the mechanism of distributing the bonds to the clients of the "RPP" Stolichny "LLC is applied. This allows the parties to assume mutual obligations to cooperate and act in the interests of deepening cooperation, stipulating the mutual interest of partners in the success of business by each of the parties. The value of bonds is a measure of the real capitalization of a tenant's business in the market. Registration of bonds issue and bonds issue prospectus was made by the State Commission for Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine.

Характеристики цінних паперів:

Type of Securities: Interest bonds
Name Securities issuer: Identification code of the Issuer
Identification code of the Issuer LLC RSGP "Stolichny", USREOU 37145646
Nominal value of one CPU: 1000,00 UAH. (One thousand hryvnias)
Release Date: 07.04.2011.
Repayment Date: From 01.04.2032 to 31.03.2033
Form release Name
Form of existence Bookless
Interest rate: 0.1% per annum

Ownership of bonds gives their owners the right to:

  • long-term use of a designated commercial premises for its intended purpose for lease-up to 20 years with the possibility of extension;
  • obtaining the yield of bonds in the form of preferential rental rate (70 UAH per sq. m including VAT) during the first five years of operation in the market;
  • disposal of securities at its own discretion as assets (including conducting transactions in the secondary market without notice to the market administration);
  • obtaining a bank loan secured by bonds and a surety of the market;
  • restriction of rental growth by the official index of inflation.

Customers who do not own bonds may lease a designated premises for up to one year with subsequent bidding of free space. The rental rate in this case is 200 hryvnia per square meter. and may be reviewed after the expiry of the lease term.

The cost of a bundle of bonds for a trading place in the pavilion "Fruit-Vegetables" is taken from the calculation of 8 bonds per 1 sq. M. area (8000 UAH / sq.m.)

The capitalization of the business of the owner of the bonds in the market is measured by the demand for a certain trading place. It will grow through the market strategy to:

- a stable rent and a reduction in the part of fixed costs of tenants for market services;

- long-term relationship and open partner position;

- maintenance of shortage of trading places on the market;

- further construction of new sales halls exclusively for customers;

- increase of the cost of the incoming package (offer) for the next queues of market development;

- increase of commodity, human, financial and information flows through the object.

The application of the bond mechanism prompts the tenant to effectively use the leased space, which contributes to improving its professionalism. The bond mechanism is a tool for further investing in your own business and provides an opportunity to exit the start-up business at an object with a return and multiplication of the initial investment.