The market “STOLYCHNYI” is a modern object of wholesale trade, which is realised in the format of a multifunctional logistics complex. The innovative model of the market involves a combination of classical forms of trade in products with advanced logistics and distribution. The project aims to create a civilized meeting point for demand and supply that will reveal and form a real market price for products, as well as facilitate the movement of commodity flows in the region, country and on the intercountry level. The object plays the role of the centre of market information and experience exchange, presentation, training and exhibition activities of the agriculture and trade.

Company Mission

The wholesale market “STOLYCHNYI” provides the best conditions for conducting commodity exchanges between professional operators of agro-market and small agricultural producers, on the one hand, and the wholesale buyer and the end consumer of products, on the other.

  • Service under world standards – quality, safety, assortment, marketability of products, objective market price, and modern conditions of product sales.
  • Aspiration for transparent pricing, distribution of food products flows, development of competition, increase in efficiency activity of agricultural producers.
  • Compliance with the requirements of international standards: ISO 9001 (quality management system for organisations and enterprises), ISO 14001 (mechanism of introduction and functioning of an effective environmental management system) and ISO 22000 (food safety management system).
  • Ensuring quality of the offered services in accordance with the needs, expectations and requirements of clients.
  • Expansion and updating existing infrastructure, and increase of service standards and personnel professional qualification.
  • Conducting a partnership dialogue between shareholders and market clients taking into account their needs in the decision-making process.
  • Accumulation and transfer of knowledge, experience, evaluation of the agrarian market, forecasting and statistics, acquaintance with foreign experience.
  • Speech about the initiative of structural changes in Ukrainian horticulture, introduction of changes related to legal regulations, informing about the latest scientific achievements and world trends in agriculture.

Product Range

  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Meat and meat products;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • Grocery;
  • Flowers and additives;
  • Other groups of products.

Company Aim

We try to provide our customers with the services under world standards – quality, safety, assortment, marketability of products, objective market price, and modern conditions of product sales.

The most important task is to meet the expectations of customers, provide them with the most favourable conditions for work and establish commercial relations.



Beginning of the construction of market.


Operation of the pavilions “Fruits-Vegetables” (A2, A3, А4) with ramps; total area – 25,000 sq. m.


Operation of the pavilions “Fish-Meat”; department “Fish” with the area of ​​2,300 sq. m and department “Meat” – ​​4,850 sq. m.


Construction and operation of the pavilion “Cheeses-Sausages” with a total area of ​​3,150 sq. m.


Construction of a new project “Gastro Market” - a platform for the craft producer sales. Site product range: craft cheeses and bread, pickled foods market, signature food.


Operation of the Gastro Hub - a multifunctional space for interaction and communication between HoReCa specialists, a place for experience exchanges, discussions, discourses, training and research.

Unique Infrastructure

  • Trading area from the cars (575 spaces) is a specially equipped and illuminated area with a road pavement, working around the clock;
  • Specialised terminals “Fish and Meat (7,150 sq. m), “Cheeses and Sausages” (3,150 sq. m);
  • Large warehouses zone (8,000 sq. m);

The total area of professional commercial space is 37.0 ha.

Automated entry-exit system

The market has an automated entry-exit system, which provides controlled drive-in into the market and drive-out from the market, allowing:

  • collection of fees for market services and proper financial control;
  • recognition of car license plates for automatic entry;
  • receiving and accumulating information about clients/suppliers/tenants, products, geography for further analysis.