Capital market development project

The project of the functional and planning organization of the development of the market of agricultural products "Stolichny" is designed for the period from 2021 to 2027, with the assistance of the investment of "OILSI" LLP in order to implement the "STOLYCHNYI" RSGP project in the format of a multifunctional logistics market complex.

The innovative market model involves a combination of classic forms of product trade with advanced logistics and distribution. The project aims to create a civilized meeting place of demand and supply, which will allow to identify and form a real market price for products, and will also facilitate the movement of commodity flows in the region, in the country and at the interstate level.

The object plays the role of a center of market information and exchange of experience, presentation, training and exhibition activities of the agrarian and trade direction. The development of this project plays a significant role in the development of the economic independence of both the region and the entire country.

The detailed plan can be downloaded from the link >>>