The opening of a new food court

The life of the market Stolychnyi is humming, and we are again ready to please you with the opening of a new food court!

At the height of the barbecue season, we’ve arranged the BBQ Territory! The range is very wide. You will have a choice of five BBQ types: pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and even fish. Cooking takes place immediately on the charcoal on open flame. And those who wish to enjoy them outdoors in the circle from close people can have ready-to-cook foods offered to take away. You can also order the first dishes, side dishes, pickles, salads, and sauces for your BBQ.

For the first dish, refresh yourself with cold okroshka or enjoy chorba. Choose baked potatoes or mushroom as your garnish. For a snack, take our tasty pickles: tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic or pepper. Well, what kind of market is that if we don’t have fresh salad products that will ideally complete any BBQ or will be a great snack? Order a salad with tomatoes and mozzarella, Greek salad, Caucasian salad, or peasant one.

In addition to classic BBQ, discover the new tastes by trying other dishes cooked on open flame:

- pork neck;

- pork ribs;

- pork loin;

- chicken fillet;

- Ribai steak;

- chicken and lamb kebabs.

Try this delicious food immediately on spot or order take away! Spend more time outdoors, with family, friends and visit our BBQ Territory to make it even more enjoyable! Enjoy the summer with Stolychnyi. You can see the menu of the institution here. Location: between A2 Pavilion “Fruits and Vegetables” and A3 Pavilion “Trading from vehicles”.