The agro-industrial exhibition "AGRO-2019"!

The exhibition "AGRO-2019" is the largest agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It serves as an effective platform for improving production, introducing innovations, and presentations of new products in all spheres of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.


On the first day, the governor Aleksandr Tereshchuk visited our stand. Together with him and other visitors of the exhibition, we observed the process of cooking of nitrogen ice cream by the chef Danil Yakovenko. The ingredients were quite common: milk and cream. But due to the evaporation of nitrogen gas, this process looked just magical! Its temperature reaches -195 C, and it takes just a few seconds for our ingredients to instantly turn into a tasty ice cream. Therefore, it did not take us long to wait. We tasted this delicacy with various toppings, fresh fruits, and cookies. And for dinner, the guests refreshed themselves with still warm hummus from Leonid Tsimbalist. They tried it with classic flavour and baked pepper flavor.



On the second day, the visitors had an opportunity to attend our master class from the “Thermomix” company. Grownups and small participants tried to cook on this device on their own and were impressed with the features and ease of use of this device! Because Thermomix can do almost everything: scale, stew, emulsify, whip, chop, steam, boil, and much more. Therefore, following all the instructions and combining its features according to the personal "taste", it is possible to just relax and enjoy the ready-made and useful meal, but not to waste your time on cooking.



So, we also relaxed and tasted as much as 6 dishes: fruit and vegetable smoothie, broccoli salad, berry foam, sorbet, steamed vegetables and marrow soup! It was very interesting and informative!