Shrimp & Prawn July in all fish restaurant Chernomorka

Chernomorka delicatessen shops made it sure, that this July, even those who have not yet had a vacation yet can enjoy juicy shrimps and prawns for every taste!


  • Black Sea prawn,
  • Argentinian black shrimp tails,
  • Canada prawns,
  • royal freshwater shrimp,
  • giant tiger prawn and a specialty – red Mediterranean deep-sea shrimp!

And not only! They can be cooked on a grill, iron griddle or in one of 7 sauces – cream sauce, garlic sauce, spicy honey sauce, tomato sauce, cheese sauce, soy sauce and wine sauce.

31 days of shrimp & prawn satisfaction with 14 types of various shrimps and prawns costing from 150 UAH.



Enjoying the sea is so easy, even when it's far away!