Coffee shop Delini Time opened a summer terrace

Coffee shop Delini Time opened a summer terrace! Now you can enjoy exclusive coffee with your friends in the open air.

Delini Time’s coffee is a drink for the soul. Its process of production is exceptional – it takes 14 days from manual roasting of grains on its own roaster to its sale. Therefore, the coffee in this shop is always fresh and right.

Delini Time is always a wide selection of mono-varieties (100% Arabica) from 12 countries of the world, as well as 5 branded blends. An experienced barista will prepare a delicious espresso for you that will deliver its main flavours. It will help you find “your” coffee.

You can choose from:

- Espresso

- Macchiato

- Doppio

- Mocha

- Flat White

- Cappuccino

- Americano

- Rough Coffee

- Irish Coffee

- Soya Latte

- Latte

As well as other hot and cold drinks:

- Cocoa

- Tea

- Bumblebee

- Piña Colada

- Glace

- Smoothies

- Ice Latte

- Ice Lemonade

- Ice Mojito

- Milkshake

And to make your break even better, we suggest taking panini to your drink:

- Chicken in sour cream sauce with pineapple

- Chicken in creamy sauce with corn and cheese

- Bacon with mushrooms and cheese

- Salami with mozzarella and greens

- Juicy chicken meat with tomatoes and cheese

- Ham with cheese

- Smoked chicken with mushrooms and cheese

- Smoked breast in cheese

- Hunter’s sausages with cheese

- Three meats

Come enjoy the summer sun and delicious coffee with yummy treats!