Рынок Столичный станет территорией CASHLESS-платежей!

Mastercard, Oschadbank and the Stolichny market signed a Memorandum of Cooperation for the purpose of introducing non-cash infrastructure and promoting cashless payments in the market. In particular, within the framework of the cooperation it is planned to install POS-terminals for cashless payments by bank cards and NFC devices, as well as introduction of technology for calculation with QR-code.

"We are convinced that the creation of non-cash infrastructure in one of the largest wholesale markets of Ukraine will be another important step towards the development of cashless and medium and small businesses in the country, as more sellers will be able to offer convenient and safe non-cash payment methods to their customers," - noted Inga Andreeva, General Director of Mastercard in Ukraine.

"Creation of cashless infrastructure in the market" Stolichny "will become one of the largest in the country cashless projects in the field of trade", - said Andriy Pyshnyy, chairman of the board of Oshchadbank.

The project start is scheduled for the beginning of October.
As part of the cooperation, in addition to providing payment terminals for the Stolichnyi dealers and introducing non-cash payment by means of QR codes at car check-in and payment for purchases, Oschadbank plans to open a 24-hour self-service banking division on the market and implement other banking services.