The T-Bone Steakhouse


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The T-Bone Steakhouse offers real burgers and steaks. Why are they real? Because they are cooked from seasoned marble meat of own fermentation. A steak or a burger is 100% meat of young bulls of special breeds with the highest degree of fattening.


Key advantages:

  • – a unique product on the market – marble meat made in Ukraine
  • – from the vending table to the grill: you personally choose the steak from the vending table you want to taste
  • – open grill – the chosen meal is cooked before you

You can choose from:

  • – classic American burgers made of marble beef
  • – Steak Burger, which has slices of roasted steak inside
  • – hot dogs with grilled sausages in a crispy bun
  • – classic steaks: Ribai, Mignon, Tibon, New York and others
  • – original “alternative” of Skirt, Flank, Picanha, Hanger Steak and others

The burgers are stuffed with refined seasoned cheeses (Bree, Dor Blue, American Cheddar), onion marmalade and other tasty things!

A wide range of drinks!